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  • Dye Transfer
  • Wear Marks
  • Leather Fading 

We would treat the leather to remove any dirt or grease, prepare the leather for re-dying.

We would then mix the colour to ensure exact match and then re-dye the affected areas.

After several days, quality leather treatments can be applied to protect and enhance the durability of your newly repaired leather.

  • Plucked Fabric
  • Rips or burns in seats
  • Replacing Panels

Scratches and rips in leather are quite common usually caused by jeans with studs, belts etc. We can either repair and dye the damaged areas or replace the damaged panels with new leather or fabric.

We also repair seats after the vehicle has been stolen or vandalised, when the glass has been broken and damaged the seats or trims.

  • Electrical & Mechanical Faults
  • Heated seat elements
  • Occupancy sensors fitted
  • Airbags Replaced
  • Faulty electrical seats
  • Seat cables & mechanisms repaired or replaced

Heated seat elements fitted.

There are many electrical and mechanical faults that can occur during everyday use.

Many of the problems can be rectified quickly and with the minimum of expense.

  • Comfort modifications - if you require more lumber support.

Quite often we are asked if we can modify seats for customers who also have medical problems that make standard seats uncomfortable, we offer the service of adding more lumber support for your back and also extra leg support.

  • Seat cushions can also be replaced

Older vehicles and high mileage vehicles suffer from seat cushions collapsing, we can rebuild them or replace them.

  • Dashboards , Trims, Carpets and Headlinings.

Marks and scratches on trims caused by general wear and tear can all be repaired to a professional standard.

Holes in dashboards caused by fitting of phone kits etc and also damage caused by leaking air freshners can also be repaired.

Wooden inserts in dashboards that have been scratched can cost hundreds of pounds to replace but we can also repair them for a fraction of the cost.


Holes in carpets are common place, these can be caused by heels, cigarette burns or general wear and tear.


We can provide a custom made mat or we can also repair.


Headlinings are notoriously very difficult to repair, however some damage can be repaired succesfully without the need of a full replacement headlining.

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